Body aesthetics

  • Indiba Deep Care: Regeneration and Stimulation of cells

    Indiba Deep Care: Regeneration and Stimu

    Indiba Deep Care is ideal for the treatment of the flaccidity, cellulite, localized fat, post-liposuction treatments, postpartum recovery or post-intervention scars......

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  • Pnk Cellulitis Program

    Pnk Cellulitis Program

    The Pnk Cellulite Program is a treatment that combines a dietary plan with a program of exercises and specific products. Ideal for combining with our treatments......

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  • Cellulite treatment in Madrid – Velashape

    Cellulite treatment in Madrid – Ve

    Globally recognized as one of the most effective treatments for body remodeling, cellulite and postpartum recovery......

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  • Mesotherapy with ALIDYA®

    Mesotherapy with ALIDYA®

    Alidya is the first medicinal product specifically designed for the reduction of cellulite and for its prevention, which we inject through small infiltrations in the affected area......

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  • Acoustic shock waves

    Acoustic shock waves

    The shock waves break the fibrous septa that produces the irregular appearance of the skin with cellulite, improving circulation and drainage, and decrease the size......

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  • Body Carboxytherapy

    Body Carboxytherapy

    Carboxytherapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in the treatment of cellulite, flaccidity and localized fat......

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  • Cooltech


    Cryolipolysis is a method designed to eliminate localized fat by cooling and freezing the fat tissue, promoting a complete body remodeling......

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  • Stretch Marks Treatment

    Stretch Marks Treatment

    Depending on the type of stretch mark (red or white) it will be necessary to individualize each treatment. Both laser and topical treatments achieve excellent results......

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  • Tightening Threads

    Tightening Threads

    The PDO threads placed in a mesh form help the tissue reinforce, thank you to the fibrosis that is generated around it, thus helping......

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