Facial aesthetics

  • Lifting with tightening threads

    Lifting with tightening threads

    PDO threads and Silhouette Soft threads are an alternative to fight against flaccidity and help reposition all the tissues. Contact us and we will inform you......

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  • Botox


    Botox is the most popular and most used aesthetic medical treatment that is used to treat expression lines. Well-implemented, it achieves natural results......

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  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    Hyaluronic acid is the prescribed treatment to fill depressed zones of the face, such as the nasolabial fold, giving subtle volume to the lips or recovering volumes....

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  • Ellansé


    Ellansé is becoming more common in response to the demand of patients due to its natural results. Ellansé achieves this due to the fact that it is...

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  • Biorevitalization with vitamins

    Biorevitalization with vitamins

    Revitalizing the skin with different vitamins and hyaluronic acid helps to improve the texture of the skin, increasing its luminosity and giving it a healthier appearance......

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  • Facial Carboxytherapy

    Facial Carboxytherapy

    Carboxytherapy is an effective treatment to improve the oxygenation of the skin, improving its appearance and promoting the production of collagen, through the stimulation......

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  • Chemical Peeling

    Chemical Peeling

    The chemical peelings help eliminate and renew the most superficial layers of the skin, achieving a more homogeneous and rejuvenated skin......

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  • Indiba Deep Care

    Indiba Deep Care

    El Indiba Deep Care ( la versión médica y más potente de Indiba ) es una técnica que permite Regenerar y Estimular las células, respectando su fisiología....

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  • Rejuvenation Laser

    Rejuvenation Laser

    In Biolaser we count on several laser devices for the treatment of skin rejuvenation, depending on the degree of the skin aging... ...

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