Nutrition unit

  • The Pnk method of Pronokal

    The Pnk method of Pronokal

    The Pnk method, to achieve a healthy weight, has scientifically proven its efficiency and safety in several clinical studies......

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  • Personalized Diets

    Personalized Diets

    We adapt the nutritional treatment to each patient's needs, taking into account their personal, professional and medical circumstances......

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  • Nutritional Coaching

    Nutritional Coaching

    Through the nutritional coaching, we give both nutritional treatments and learning tools to control emotional eating and anxiety......

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  • Food intolerance test

    Food intolerance test

    It is increasingly common for patients to report digestive discomfort when eating certain foods. This test helps us determine these intolerances......

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  • Genetic Test of Obesity

    Genetic Test of Obesity

    Obesity can be the result of the interaction of environmental and genetic factors. Knowing which genes are involved in obesity helps us......

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